Sunday, April 14, 2013

Breakfast Burritos

Since I'm finally healthy, I thought it would be fun to tempt fate and race with a little more frequency than usual this summer.

June 15 - Mt. Evans Ascent
July 27 - Grand Mesa 60k
August 4 - La Luz Trail Run
August 18 - Pikes Peak Marathon

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of bonking "like a boss" - complete with a little bit of stagger in the last few of my 22 miles.  Crystal Park is...up there.  As I passed the Crystal Park Cantina, I noticed they were serving breakfast.  Think about it:  what could possibly be more appetizing when you're tapped out and on the ropes than a beefy breakfast burrito?  I ended up gorging myself to the point where I called the ladyfriend for a ride home.  Soo weak.  But the breakfast burrito was soo good!

CC - Santa Fe Trail - Bear Creek Trails - Section 16/Palmer Trail - Crystal Park Road

Laps 31 and 32 on the Incline this morning.  32 / 104 * 365 = 108.8, so I'm still on pace for 101 this year.