Saturday, February 22, 2014

Recovering from a Jones Fracture

Day 0
On Thursday, October 10th, I was at the Pikes Peak Athletics Conference (PPAC) League Meet, doing what I always do during a big meet: run around and scream at kids to run faster.  Cutting across an overgrown field with the head coach, I found myself high-stepping into or onto something.  You'd think I would know what it was, but truthfully, I was so distracted by how it felt that I didn't even think about it until I had limped off a good ten steps or so.  I didn't hear a snap or anything - I just felt like I had jammed my foot up into my ankle and now sharp bolts of pain were letting me know I wasn't about to jog this one off.

I got taken to Urgent Care, where an X-ray confirmed what I had feared - that I had broken a bone in my foot.  My particular break was a complete fracture of the fifth metatarsal.  The location of the fracture within the fifth classified it as one of the three common types of fifth metatarsal fractures:  a Jones Fracture.  

Just a wee little thing...betchya can't even see it.

That night, while hopped up on Vicodin (I hate the feeling!) I did some research to see what I could learn.  I can't say the findings were encouraging.  This prognosis is sobering to say the least:  

If a Jones fracture fails to unite (malunion or non union), which is a common problem with these fractures, it can become a chronic condition. If this is the case, podiatrists will likely recommend that the patient spend more time in a cast, up to twenty weeks.
For several reasons, a Jones fracture often does not heal. The diaphyseal bone, where the fracture occurs, is an area of poor blood supply. In medical terms, it is a watershed area between two blood supplies. This makes healing difficult. In addition, there are various tendons, including the peroneus brevis and fibularis tertius, and two small muscles attached to the bone. These may pull the fracture apart and prevent healing.

Day 4
On Monday, October 14th, I had a consultation with an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Simpson.  We scheduled surgery for the following Thursday, October 24th.  The swelling in my foot was still pretty impressive, and it had to cool down a bit.  The surgical process for my type of Jones fracture is simple enough.  Take a screw and drill it through both parts of the bone, parallel to the shaft of the bone.  Ouch.

My temporary splint got thrown in the trash, and I was given a bionic boot, with its six-velcro-strap beauty.

I took a half-day off the previous Friday, but now I was back to work, in modified form.  Being immobile while teaching a bunch of eleven and twelve year olds isn't the easiest job out there.  I spent a lot of time lying on the couch at home, as well.  Cale and Melissa were both heroes and put up with my constant requests during those first few days.

Day 14
My mom dropped me off at the Orthopedic Surgeon's office late in the morning.  The staff admitted me, gave me some gas, and next thing I know it's over.  Surgery went smoothly.  By now, I had started to feel a little better every day.  Of course, the surgery put me back a bit recovery-wise, and I got to enjoy Round 2 of feeling beaten up.  Melissa brought me home, and the next few days again were rough.  

Day 40
At my monthly meeting with the orthopod, I was given permission to bear weight as tolerated, as long as I was in the boot.  In other words, I could wean myself from crutches.  

Days 43-50

Maui!  I never, and I mean NEVER, seem to go on vacation just for vacation's sake.  Melissa and I went with our friends, who had in their possession for one week a beautiful shoreline residence on Maui's northwestern edge.
If you're gonna sit around and do nothing, this seems like a pretty good way to do it.

I approve of the view
And the recovery drink of choice.
The highlight of the trip may have been getting to swim aside tons of sea turtles.  The ocean swimming also represented my first semblance of exercise in nearly two months.

Day 69
Another milestone!  By now, I had been itching to try putting some weight on my left foot but had managed to resist the temptation.  On my next orthopod visit, I got to lose the boot and begin PT sessions.  I quickly called up my friend Simon and scheduled a visit with him for the next Monday.

I really struggled those first few days without the boot.  My foot had barely any stamina before it started throbbing from all the joint movement that hadn't occurred for months.

Day 100
My first taste of meaningful outdoor activity, I soft-pedaled for a bit short of an hour outside on the west side of town.  Just in time, too, as I had been adding pounds at a fairly alarming rate, going from a pre-break 142 to a high on this day of 162.

Day 130
Just this week, I began "briskly walking" - I can't help but think of mallwalking when I say that.  I kept trying to tell myself that this is no different than if you were in shape to walk the 80th mile in an ultra.  Good luck with that.

I'm probably still a week or two from taking my first running steps.  I'm able to do some real mountain biking.  It's been a while; I enjoy coming back to it.  I'll probably continue to ride more than I have in past years once I'm healthier.

It's been almost 5 months since I've run.  At no other point in my life since I began running have I been away from it for this long.  It's time - I'm excited to be putting this thing behind me and be moving again!


  1. You have to do a race ASAP so I can sneak in a cheap win!

  2. Dang, that is serious. Does that screw get removed after the bone has fused? If it stays, doesn't it decrease your range of motion and continue to be uncomfortable/painful?

    Also, were there any signs ahead of time that this may be coming? When I had a stress fracture of my 5th metatarsal, I had pain and discomfort for nearly 2 months and was seeking treatment thinking that it was a muscle or tendon issue, as it did not show up on x-rays. Then one day, while easily hiking at 13k on Grays, it snapped and was incredibly painful. Scary to think this could just happen out of the blue with no warning, like on the far side of the Grand Canyon for instance..

    Anyways, sorry to hear how hard this has been, but glad to hear you are on the mend. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Keeping you in my thoughts, Sean. I know this has been a tough process. Keep battling and keep the faith, bro. You're showing a lot of character.


  4. Thanks guys. Appreciate the support.

    JV - no, the screw *should* be a permanent part of me. As you mention, there is a risk of decreased range of motion and discomfort.

    There was one sign of this happening. In June, I was running down Engineer Mountain when I kind of "stubbed" my foot, rolled my ankle, or did something that didn't feel too good. It was a jamming type of movement - imagine your toes kind of jamming up toward your shin a bit. Nothing crazy or so I thought. I limped for about a minute, walked for another minute, and then jogged the remainder of the trail back to my car. I was out running the next day and never thought twice about it, and it didn't give me any trouble until October. When the orthopod looked at it in October, he said there was evidence of a prior stress fracture or fracture in the area. So I guess I really had no way of knowing.

    I share your fear that this could have (or still could) happen anywhere at any time. At a cross country meet is a bit safer than 12 miles from a trailhead.

  5. Oh my.....I feel like I am reading all about myself in your story. I suffered a Jones fracture on a Thursday, Ortho appt the following monday, and had surgery yesterday. I have a family vacation planned to St. Maarten in 3 weeeks, so I too will be sitting by the pool and the beautiful Caribbean sea with my big cumbersome boot. Did it really take over 100 days to fully heal? Oh my......not really what I wanted to read. (I am 4'11", and was standing on a chair to turn off a ceiling fan. Fell off the chair, and when I hit the floor, that is when I fractured my foot.)
    Thank you for sharing your story. I can totally relate!

  6. I had surgery for Jones fracture in January and was in boot non wt bearing for 8 weeks. X-ray yesterday shows really no bone healing and Im afraid I have a non-union or pseudoarthrosis. I am desperate to run again ( 9 min miles but I call it running) And NO I do not want to SWIM. Any thoughts anyone?

  7. I can relate to this as well. I too had a Jones Fracture occur in late May from stepping off of a curb wrong and rolling my right foot. My orthopod wanted to try to go the non-surgical route and I was in an aircast/Boot for 10 weeks non-weight bearing. Then I was walking on it for a few weeks with the aid of a crutch, only to be told at the 12 week follow up that the bones were non-union and could only be fixed by surgery( screw and bone graft from heel). Had the surgery September 8th, and was in the aircast/boot non-weight bearing for 6 weeks. Just started physical therapy 2 weeks ago and it has been a slow road to recovery. Very hard to bear weight out of the boot and am being told it will be another 4-6 weeks until I can walk on it without boot or crutch. What makes it equally difficult is because it was my right foot, I can't drive until it's fully healed. I feel bad for anyone who has to go through this experience. It has been very frustrating for me, being a very active person, who has become a couch potato. Thank you for sharing your story.

    1. I am going through this now. Right foot . Put in screw to join bones but now XRAY shows the bones apart. How did your situation end up?

  8. November 2nd was when I got blessed with my "Jones Fracture". Mine is also on my R foot, so my teenager has my car keys. Since I already had a bone stimulator, the doctor thought there was a good chance of the bone healing if I used it 20 minutes per day. I was put in a boot and did not weight load at all. (thank goodness for the scooter!) I've been using the Bone Stimulator, and at 5 weeks the Xray showed some healing. The crack that went all the way through is now a bit less than half way. I was told I can weight load in the boot just around the house for a week. If I don't have pain, next week I can walk in my boot everywhere. At this point, I am having pain, so I'm not sure if that will happen so soon. Gordon's story scares me! What happened in those 2 weeks between 10-12 that concluded the bones were non-union? If the 10 week X-rays showed nonunion, why would they tell you to begin to bear weight?
    I'm also curious if anyone else in a boot has experienced a lot of swelling in the toes and top of the foot? Mine was really bad until my doctor saw it at the 3 week visit and let me adjust the boot so that I could move my toes. Before that, the toes were being pressed down and my upper foot was the only place I had pain. My doctor also showed me how to manually move the fluid up towards my leg with my hands, so the swelling is much better now. Also, I'm curious about when everyone else was allowed to start moving the ankle, and how that felt.

    1. Hi did your bone stimulator work and can you recommend a good brand or type? Thank you!!!

  9. let's see where do I begin January 4th 2015 I was playing basketball and I hurt my left foot go pop in the next day I went to the clinic and after further review revealed I had a Jones fracture I saw the specialist 2 days later and he recommended I have foot surgery to insert a screw I'm a truck driver I need to be mobile on the city pickup and delivery and get in and out of the truck on walking around and need to be mobile so I saw the option of 12 weeks with possibly and not healing is not a good scenario for myself. so I like that the surgery in January 13th it was completed successfully and I was let Loose into the world with a boot n crutch. I am an avid weightlifter and basketball player I knew off the bat just sitting around waiting the hill with the screw wasn't my best option as far as me taking active care into m healing. it took vitamins vitamin d milk and an amino acid protein shake around o'clock for 8 weeks. and to help my body circulate the nutrients I was consuming I would go to the gym and do sit ups but work on the machines I would do anything to get my blood pressure to rise to help circulate the most important thing which is the blood which carries nutrients to the bone, so I took an active approach to healing. March 10th I was given the OK to return to work in a stiff leather boots which I might add hurt but all my shoes are fitted with Superfeet insoles my work boot my casual shoe in my basketball sneakers and I believe it is Wolff's law that says the bone will heal to the pressure it is given and so mid April I was jogging again and back to playing basketball all the while still taking my protein shakes to this day I still drink milk 3 cups a day and I stay healthy go to the gym keep my blood circulatingwe are now two weeks away from my surgery date May 1st year anniversary and my foot is a little sore when i bend ankle and clutch my metatarsal. but I keep stretching and it is far better than the way it was when I startedthose first few days after surgery I didn't see how life without vicodin would workso my advice is if you need your bone to heal replenish what is broken with amino acids from protein shakes and stay active keep the blood circulating keep your blood pumping

  10. I am 16 and I have a jones fracture. I fractured it on December 3rd and I had surgery December 15th. I was not put in a hard cast or anything. The doc just told me to wear crutches until the next post op. I am wondering if I can put pressure on my foot since I already have a metal screw inside of my foot. The doctor is ordering me a bone stimulator and will give it to me next Monday on January 11th. I have soccer tryouts on February 22nd and I am also wondering if I will be back in time. Thank you!

  11. I broke mine 5 years ago. This Oct., I had the screw taken out as it was hurting me. Unfortunately, the screw was bent. It broke and they had to bore it out. This meant my bone was hollow. At 6 weeks, they x-rayed and I had rebroken the 5th metatarsal. Five weeks after that joyous discovery, I had surgery where they placed a plate and 8 screws on the fracture and did a bone graft from my knee. They could not use a screw as the bone was hollow. We are planning on going to the Bahamas to spend time on a friend's boat in April and I hope I am ready.

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  14. Thanks for posting your story, I can really relate. I broke mine April 2 and started a new job 2 days later :/ With no insurance at the time it took 6 weeks to see a specialist. I had no healing T the point and began the boot scoot boogie (Using the knee scoots lol) for the next 2 months. Went back and still had no healing, I was devastated to say the least as I now knew my summer was donezo. That had been my light at the end of the tunnel but instead I had to buy a $2000 bone growth stimulater to be me best bud for the months ahead. At this point I was like u guys just want my money, this s**t won't work, get me under the knife and over with! That didn't happen, I stuck with it, only 20 min a day for 5-6 weeks which I still managed to miss a few times. I asked the rep what the best recovery times he has seen and he said he's seen full recovery in 7 weeks. Before I continue, I'm 28 and after years of athletics was diagnosed with a fracture in my lumbar back which is a chronic condition. This happened the summer before my senior year of college and since it has felt like injury after injury and nothing but bad news every time I saw a Dr. To my absolute surprise and amazement I finally got that good news I was hoping for! I was able to say bye bye to Mr Jones as get moving again after 6 months of immobility. My recovery and healing has been going well and I'm getting very active again. My back injury really set me back and I felt I lost everything I loved doing. Everything happens for a reason and when it's supposed to because now I'm more active then I've been since my back and I owe that in large part for being forced to sit on my ass for 6 months yearning to just walk ol outside. It been about a full two months and I'm running, swimming, and playing a ton of Disc Golf. Disc Golf was a random idea I had for my rehab and honestly it is amazing for recovery because you are just walking and throwing a frisbee around the park. Just watch your step so u don't roll your ankle on a fallen tree branch. Anyways I was inspired to share this after reading your peace and I hope you are doing great still since it has been 2 years for u. Good luck to everyone else reading this in recovery and last thing, I absolutely have no ties to the company but I highly recommend using the machine I used which is the "Bioventus Exogen Ultrasound Bone Healing Machine." Just get it from Ebay because insurance will not cover it all at least in my case and they got for like $300 to $500 on there. I have mine to sell if anyone's interested. I'm a believer and best off all it saved me from going under the knife. Take care all, keep hope alive, keep smiling and never lose faith in the process!

  15. I, too, have found your story helpful. Thank you. I broke my 5th metatarsal while on vacation in August 2016, had surgery for screw fixation on Aug 11th and had the screw removed on Dec 23rd (Merry Christmas to me). I opted to have the screw removed, since I was still in pain and had hit the wall with PT. I had healed the bone 100% in only 5 1/2 weeks (using the Exogen Ultrasound Bone Stimulator), but the pain never really went away. Turns out that when the doctor went in to take out the screw, he found my tendon was torn and had to stitch it up. I am hoping that the lack of range in motion and sensitivity I have been experiencing is due to the tendon tear. I will know soon enough. The screw removal is much easier than the initial procedure and I can bear weight immediately. I just need to be back in the boot for 3 weeks. I wish everyone the best who is going through this! I have shared my story at

  16. Thank you for all the stories.I have question to the December 24 person or anyone for that matter...Did anyone work during there recovery. I am finding it very difficult to move at all without bearing weight.Surgeryt is scheduled for Jan 4 2017 for a screw...this Jones fracture has been a nightmare and full of pain

  17. Were you able to work during your recovery?I am gonna ask my Doctor to make sure my tendon isn't not torn when he goes to put the screw in.the kind of pain I am having sounds just like your pain

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  19. Hi. 10 days into my Jones fracture. Although a little disheartening, I've found everyone's stories very helpful - thank you all. Booked into see the orthopedic surgeon next week.
    A blessing for me has been the 'knee walker scooter' that I hired. As a very active woman & mum I felt that crutches were so disabling. I was wheeling myself around using an office chair around the house to enable me to stand with my knee supported while still able to use my hands in the kitchen, laundry, office etc. Day 3 after my injury, visiting friend saw me wheeling around and told me her mother in law had used a knee walker scooter. I googled it and decided then and there that was the path for me. I'm virtually independent around the house because of it. Yes its a little dorky, and I get stared at when out and about, but I really dont mind. The kids think its a huge novelty and my partner thinks its cute. Ultimately my independence is precious to me! To those who relate I highly recommend a knee walker scooter.
    Certainly taking in all the advice given in this blog and again thank you all. All the best :)

  20. Broke my 5th metatarsal on June 16th and had surgery on June 20th. I am a very active 60 year old...I ski, hike, cycle, etc. I tore my ACL, MCL and Meniscus at 50 playing football and had to have reconstructive knee surgery, but this has been a much bigger pain. I broke my right foot so I am unable to drive anywhere!!! Also, with my knee surgery I could put some weight on my foot whereas I can't in my current situation. I have my 6 week post op in 2 weeks and am hopeful I will be able to start walking. I have been using the EXOGEN machine 2 times a day on my foot and I have been exercise my legs and walking with my scooter 1 1/2 - 3 miles a day. What can I expect at my next post op...will I be able to wear a shoe or be placed in a boot, and what will I actually be able to do initially?

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  22. I broke my 5th metatarsal on June 6. X-rays revealed a Jones break. We tried a boot for 2 weeks to see if it would heal. No go. So I had surgery on June 20. My surgery consisted of 2 pins inserted into holes drilled into the (now) disconnected and broken bones. The pines were connected by a wire. I was in a splint for 1 week and completely non weight bearing. I got around on a roll about scooter to go the bathroom and bed but really moved very little. I did not go to work during this week. After one week, the splint was removed and I was permitted to use the boot for minor walking (to bathroom and bed) but had to use the scooter for everything else. I was not permitted to walk at all without the boot under any circumstance. That went on for 2 weeks. I tried to go to work 1 week post surgery but I was still in too much pain. I was able to go to work 2 weeks after surgery. 3 weeks after surgery, the x-ray showed that the bone had grown together nicely. The pin/wire surgery actually works best when you start walking again as the act of walking pulls the bone together. I was allowed out of the boot 3 weeks post surgery and told I could use sturdy tennis shoes (no heels, no sandals, nothing flimsy) and walk short distances and use the knee scooter when I got tired or it started to hurt. I went back today, 5 weeks post surgery. The bone has grown together. The surgical scar is still healing but I can walk as long as it doesn't hurt and should be back to full activity in 3-4 months. I am 58. I have never smoked, which the doctor did say is a major factor in how quickly one can heal from bone fractures. But I am very happy with my surgery and its outcome. Because the x-xays began with a complete dislocation and after 2 weeks of seeing if it would heal without surgery, the bones had just gotten further apart.

  23. X-rays revealed a Jones fracture about 24 hours after I had a confrontation with a wall and my shoeless right foot. The wall one. We decided not to fool around with seeing if would heal on its own. Also the surgeons recommendation. Someone else cancelled a procedure and I had the surgery about 48 hours the initial. Am three weeks out from surgery, in a moonboot with strict instructions for the first two weeks absolutely no weight bearing. Allowed only to balance on moonboot heel for the past week. The mobility is driving me NUTS! Get another set of x-rays next week. Have been told will be in boot 6-8 weeks!☹���� Using knee roller (which has stability issues) and wheelchair. Am 61 and very active. No bone density issues. Quit smoking when I was 26. Hoping for a good outcome.

  24. I am a 31 y/o active, healthy female and suffered a Jone's Fracture in my right foot on July 30. I got it put in a splint the following day and saw a podiatrist Aug. 2. The doctor said we could try conservative treatment before surgery. I was put in a pneumatic walking boot rather than a hard cast to be able to remove it for bathing only. I had crutches but was unable to lift the foot up and behind me since it hurt so bad and the boot is heavy. I felt the crutches were doing harm because of the weight of the boot pulling on the side of my foot. The first 2 weeks I literally did not move except for crutching to the bathroom and did the ice/elevation the entire day. I am taking 1500 IU of Calcium & Vitamin D, magnesium, a multivitamin, using Comfrey salve on the foot, and eating super healthy. Apparently your body needs as many calories when you break a bone as it does when you are extremely active to help heal. With insurance covering 50%, the Exogen bone stimulator would have been $1400 OOP. The doctor said to wait on it since the cost may not be worth it without knowing how I'm healing so far.

    I have had a knee scooter since after the first 2 weeks, and it's helped a lot. I am back to work only 2 days a week, and my husband has been driving me. It's been a blessing to have minimal time on my feet (foot), and a driver. I'm being patient. The pain has gotten so much better after the first 2 weeks, I also have swelling mostly on my outer toes and top of foot like one poster mentioned, and the bruising has gone down. I haven't put one ounce of weight on it in 5+ weeks.

    At the 6 week appt, we will reassess healing, whether to use a bone stimulator or not, if putting a screw in is necessary, and how much longing to be NWB. My gut feeling is that she may want to do 8-10 weeks NWB if there is healing, or incrementally start to put some weight on it. I will honestly be shocked if there is no sign of healing from what I feel and the care I've taken.

    Lastly - after really looking back, I think I've had signs that something was amiss like one poster asked. I am a runner and do HIT workouts with lots of jumping movements (burpees, jump lunges, double bench jump lunges w/ weights). I have felt pain on the outer sides of both of my feet on and off for a while, and I believe it's because of wearing the wrong arch type sneakers for my feet. I have high arches and think I've been putting all my weight on the outside of my feet. I also fell on my right foot (the now fractured one) a few months back while running and it hurt a lot, but then the pain went away so I didn't think anything of it. So frustrating, but I feel fortunate that it's just my foot and not my whole leg, both feet, or something worse. Strength and healing to everyone going through this!!

  25. Update from post directly above ^
    Had 6 week appointment today, and the fracture is at least halfway or more healed. You can see that the first X-ray shows the bone fractured straight across with two smaller fractures coming off of it parallel with the bone. Today, the smaller fractures are filled in white, and the bone is filled in on the left half of the fracture. The outermost part of it (all the way to the right, right foot), is still not healed. I am going to continue non-weight bearing for 4 more weeks to bring a total of 10 weeks non weight bearing, knee boot, knee scooter. It's driving me crazy, but I'm telling myself to be strong because it will heal as good as new with no surgery, no screw.

    The podiatrist said maybe I will be in a foot brace at week 10 and maybe have some physical therapy, but for right now, just to keep doing what I'm doing for another month. Will check in. Best health wishes and healing to anyone experiencing foot injury. Our bodies are incredible if we nourish and support their healing!

  26. I did a fantastic job of breaking my bones on 7/10. I have a right Jones fracture that required surgical repair with a screw, an avulsion fracture to my right ankle and also managed to fracture my left fibula (also required surgical repair with plate and screws). Because I managed to break both at one time, I was non weight bearing on both for the first few weeks following the surgeries. It is very difficult to walk in 2 boots. I am out of the right boot (Jones fracture foot) after 2 months but it is still very painful. I'm hoping that my bones are healing and this pain won't be too much longer.

  27. Hello! As promised, I am back with a 10 week follow-up report.

    Today is 10 1/2 weeks since initial break, and the x-ray showed 100% union and healing of the fracture! You can see the filled in white line of the break and little fissures. The doctor said to begin walking and ditch the walking boot/scooter for a sturdy sneaker. She said it will take 2-3 before it will feel "normal" to walk, and to start with light exercise of walking, biking, and elliptical. She said to be careful but not scared, and to continue icing/elevating as needed and continue the Calcium.

    I certainly didn't hop off the examining room bench and onto the floor, though! I've taken a few steps bearing a little more than half my weight and boy, is it strange! The break miraculously doesn't hurt (my last memory of walking was the excruciating pain at the break site), but now my ankle, ball of my foot, and flat part of my foot are sending shooting pains if I place too much pressure. I'm watching videos about how to gradually bear weight because I'm scared to reinjure it or hurt anything else that is weak from non-use. Little by little. There is hope, though; it can heal!!

    1. Hi Ashley, How are you doing now? I am in the same situation as you. I am a 30 year old female. I picked the conservative approach. I am on my 4th week with the hard cast. Can you please give more details on what diet you were taking? Please post any other tips that you have taken other than that? All I am doing is keeping my foot elevated. Also, please let me know if you have been taking ibuprofen or any other pain killers during your initial 6 weeks.

    2. Thank you very much for sharing your story, Ashley.

  28. Ok
    My story- June 4
    I was walking and my left foot bent completely outwards. I heard a snap. I couldn’t put any weight on it. I got an X-ray and was told that it wasn’t broken but badly sprained. I stayed out of work for two weeks and went back to work. ( I’m a hairstylist, so I stand for a living). For the next 6 weeks I’m trying to walk it out. There’s a little bit of discomfort but not too bad. I ask my doctor for a follow up X-ray because I still have some swelling. He updates me that my 5th metatarsal is fractured but it didn’t show on the first X-ray. So now they put me in a boot. So August-October, I get an X-ray every 4 weeks to see how it’s healing. November 3, I am told I’m healed and no longer have to wear the boot. Yay! November 5, I’m walking to my car and my foot gives out on me. I can not bear any weight on it. I go in to get an X-ray and the results look like I might have fractured it again. I demand a CT Scan in the next couple of days and guess what? My other 2 original fractures are only 75% healed and I have a new one behind it! now they say let’s put a cast on it. Well I only lasted 3 days in the cast before I had it removed. I got an allergic reaction on my foot. So now I’m back in a sturdier boot. My foot still aches and I try to sit as much as I can when working. It’s been almost 6 months! I am really afraid of taking my boot off. And my body is aching from walking crooked! I’m not sure how much longer this is going to take to heal and I can’t afford to take more time off of work. Oh and I took a bone density test that came back normal. ( I’m 54)

  29. Hi Swathi!

    I feel awful to not be seeing this until now!! I hope you are doing well now that it has been several months :-)

    Diet: I ate three meals a day and drank a ton of water. I limited caffeine to one cup a day because it can inhibit bone healing. No alcohol while healing for same reason.

    Breakfast: oatmeal every morning with flax seed, berries, nuts, and chia seeds, sometimes orange juice

    Lunch/Dinner: beans (chickpeas, kidney beans, lentils, white beans), vegetables (sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, squash, onions, corn, brussel sprouts, salads), fruits (oranges, apples, bananas, all berries), hummus, nuts (almonds, walnuts), wheat bread sandwiches w/ swiss, spinach, tomato, egg, lots of avocado), whole wheat pasta, greek yogurt, some cheeses, and some sweets in there on the bad days :-) We had recently become vegetarian, and that did not impact the healing.

    I drank lots of tea: hibiscus, rooibos, chamomile, and some white tea (I read they have bone healing properties). Apparently green tea can inhibit bone healing, so I cut it at that time (white tea is the same as green but I still wanted the good health benefits).

    I did take pain killers during the first 6 weeks, and I believe the only kind I was told was okay by the doctor was Tylenol. So no Aspirin or Ibuprofen.

  30. Hi all! I am 10 months post break. After getting the boot off, I still used the knee scooter and crutches for about 10 days after. I didn't pack up the knee scooter until after Thanksgiving (I was cleared to walk mid-October). By the beginning of November, I was still walking with a limp and could only walk short distances. It felt like I was walking on a jelly leg with pins and needs and lots of hard pressure on the sole of my foot. I went to a physical therapist once, and she gave me exercises to do which I did all of Nov/Dec. That helped with flexibility and strengthening, as well as range of motion! Check out YouTube too for exercises- they were all the same ones! My ankle was soo stiff, and I couldn't rotate my foot or place it back and forward very well at first. It took until about end of November for that to go away, so 6 weeks. The therapist also said that, from the break, my ligaments are stretched too much in my ankle and side of foot, so to be careful on uneven surfaces now for the rest of my life because I'll be more prone to rolling the ankle.

    Also, I started incorporating tumeric into my foods because I read it helps with inflammation when you start walking again and putting all that work on your healing foot/joints/ligaments.

    By the end of November, I was up to walking a mile again. I wore my sneakers all the time- to work, around the house. The support was much needed. I purchased a pair of Hush Puppy boots that were soooo comfortable and literally the only other shoe I wore other than sneakers. I also got back into my house slippers that have a supportive sole, and had no problem with those.

    By January, I started doing my old workout routine but avoided any jumping (no burpees or jump lunges!) I even jogged cautiously on the pavement and felt so happy that it felt okay!

    10 months later and we are in the summer months. No more slippers, and sneakers are hot. I tried wearing flip flops and sandals, and I feel aches on the side of my foot. Not even where the break was, but more on the outer ridge of my foot. Not sure if this has to do with the injury or me originally thinking I've always needed to support my feet better with the high arches, and this is what it feels like. I'm up to walking and running normal again, but every now and then, I will get a shooting pain and know I have to stop.

    Just wanted to update for anyone currently going through this so you can see my journey over the course of 10 months. It definitely gets better, but every day I swear, I remember the 11 weeks of immobility and frustration, and prayers. It completely changed my life at that time, and I had to let it be so the healing could happen. My aunt recently had a Jones Fracture and opted right for surgery because she couldn't take the time. I am so grateful my work schedule (professor so I didn't have to go back for the month of August and then only had to report on the days I taught while I was injured) at the time allowed me to heal the way I did.

    Best of strength, love, and healing to everyone! Our bodies are amazingly resilient!!

  31. Hello from Chicago. It is so helpful - both sobering and encouraging to read through these posts. I just joined the Jones fracture team. Fell off a step (like falling off a curb) last night in a parking garage. Intense pain, but we got to the ER in about 30minutes, so at least I’ve not made it worse. I’m in a temporary splint right now, no weight bearing and using crutches. I will see the ortho guy on Monday. I’m a young 73 year old, active and involved. But looks like I’ve lost the summer and maybe the early fall. Already missing my bike, swimming in Lake Michigan, working out at the Y.
    I’ll keep you posted, and thanks again for the wisdom, experience and encouragement to be patient. Keep the healing tips coming!