Saturday, January 25, 2014


The best way to kill a blog, in my opinion, is to get hurt and subsequently turn to sulking.

I'm not yet ready to put into words these past few months of sitting on my butt and 'healing', and I'm not even certain that once I am there will even be words worth hearing to describe it.  Basically, I broke my foot, it sucked, then it sucked some more, then it continued to suck, and even when it began to not suck as much, it sucked more because it still sucked.  When it's done sucking, I think I might just pretend nothing sucked.  We'll see.

Till then, I think I'll suck just a little more.


  1. So.. what I am hearing you say is that is sucked? Is that accurate? :)

  2. Sorry Sean. I know you broke your foot and were out for a while, but I forgot, what kind of break was it?
    I can relate, as I had a stress fracture in 2009 and was wearing a boot in July/August, thus jacking up an Alaska trip and caused me to miss the PPA. I still regret not hobbling up Pikes in my boot, I hate seeing that gap in my streak.... Keep your head up.

  3. This post sucks. Suck it up cupcake.

    ... more seriously ... I think often about the conversation we had about the HS program you are involved with. It was awesome to see that fire. I think I know what response you would give to one of your kids if things sucked for them ... keep grinding.

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