Thursday, May 19, 2011

Two weeks

I'm nearing the end of two weeks of forced downtime after racing Collegiate Peaks on the 7th.


My motivation/psyche/whatever you want to call it is close to an all-time high.  After CP, all I could think about was my next chance to lay it all out there.  But...I have been going without a real break since last September.  I may not need it now, but I want a strong summer, and hitting a psychological lull in July - not a good thing.

Physically, I'm holding up fairly well.  My hip has been a little sore since the race, but it's not a major concern.  Running a distance that long has GOT to take a toll on the body, though - especially one that's not used to that kind of mileage.

This proactive break seems to be the right way to do it.  I'm not stressing out over lost training - I've built my base up well and August is still three months away.

I've been out for a few runs, but nothing intense.  The extra hour or so in my day has allowed me to get ahead with work stuff, cook a little more, and spend some extra quality time with Cale.  I've also been to a few CrossFit classes.  No doubt it's fun, but I'm not sure if it will be something that effectively complements running.

Can't wait to get back at it.

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