Monday, July 4, 2011


Drove out to Winfield on Sunday night when I caught word of some mountaineering buddies hosting a "party" atop Huron on the 4th.  I needed to get some climbing in, and what I remembered of Huron was that it is quite run-able.  Runnable?  Runable.  Whatever.

Winfield 4WD trailhead(10,500') to Huron Peak(14,003')
1:25 to the top.  Spent maybe 40% of the time running.  Not sure what it would be if I would've tried redlining it, but I was still a little spent from a good workout on Sunday.  There was plenty of celebration up top - three hours later, our group of twelve or so staggered foolishly back down the mountain.

If I could repeat weeks like this last one - 72 miles, 14k of climbing - I'd be strong.  Hoping this is a sign of good things ahead.  Time to get on the Peak.  Possible 3/2/1 this week!  Headed to Milwaukee for a a PR bid in the 13.1 on Sunday.

I kinda miss these guys.  A forgotten band.


  1. Sean -- what are the snow conditions like on the trail up Huron? I ran Antero last week (which was great), and have heard Princeton, Shav, Tab are all pretty clear. How much of it is runnable?

    looking forward to the BTMR bbq

  2. Might be running Princeton from the 8,900ft. TH tomorrow with Brandon Fuller if interested...

  3. SW - no snow to speak of up Huron. I think there were maybe two small fields in the basin. No concern. We need to talk sometime about these peaks. I have a hunch you may have some big plans...and if you don't yet, you will soon...

    JV - email sent.

  4. Sean -- indeed. Assuming I survive this weekend in Silverton let's chat. I'll definitely talk to you at BTMR (and the bbq) if not sooner