Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summerfest Half-Marathon

One of the peculiarities of mountain running results is that they are hard to compare.  More often, you will hear statements like, "That guy is fast - he's a 2:29 marathoner" or "his 5k PR is in the 15's, so you know he has some speed."  I feel my fitness has improved quite a bit this season, but I have scant data to prove it.  With this in mind, I signed up for the Milwaukee Summerfest Half-Marathon so I could see where my fitness is at a "standard" distance.  A flat course at sea level in a city where I have many friends - what's not to like?

Let's just say I'll have to wait in order to post a meaningful time.

Heading up over the Hoan Bridge.  picture from
High temps and humidity did its share to decimate the field.  Of the people I talked to, most were between 4 and 8 minutes off of their PR's.  My 1:21 was nothing to write home about, and it sure wasn't a pleasant way to run such a pedestrian time.  Within the first half mile, it was evident that only suck would come out of the day's effort.  My legs still carried the weight of this week's two big runs, and I, like many others, could not regulate my temperature at all in the heat.  While I severely positive splitted, I still found myself moving up the field in the latter stages of the race.  I ended up 31st...nothing like what I was hoping for and a good two minutes out of the top 20.

I've recovered well from it and am now focusing on Sunday's race up to Barr Trail.  There has been talk of a thin men's field, but I think there will still be some solid performances.  A few of the bigger names:

Bernie Boettcher
Trent Briney
William Dillon
Matt Hill
David Roche
Gerald Romero
Doug Ryden
John Tribbia

BTMR is one of my absolute favorite races.  Barr Trail, Manitou Springs in the summer, BBQ at my place afterward...what's not to like?


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  1. Looking forward to seeing you out there!

    (I hope it is really humid)