Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Barometric Pressure?

For geeks like me, this article by local distance guru Alan Versaw is pretty fascinating.  I haven't begun thinking of all the ramifications it could have on comparing performances across the state.  Just boils it all down to head-to-head I guess.  FWIW, I derive some sick pleasure from working my ass off just to run 10 (or 11 or 12 etc) minute miles on any given run whereas anything over 8 minute miles at sea level was considered dog-slow.

Teacher's summer kindasorta ends today, as we have a training class spanning the rest of the week.  Next week is our last week off, then back to it on the 15th.  Doesn't much affect my training, as I thrive on routine.  I notice the difference in the little things that fail to get done during the school year.  Dishes, oil changes, home improvement projects tend to get pushed to the back burner.

Elk Park crew - 7/30/2011
Got up to Elk Park last Sunday for some altitude.  Brandon, who writes for pikespeaksports, scared up this cool entry.  Third time this summer - I'll probably get up there twice more before PPA/PPM.  I splitted 2:29 pace for the top three miles this time.  Sure would be nice, but I can't wrap my head around hitting that pace down low.  I would be quite happy with any type of PR on Saturday.  Maybe - just maybe - one that starts with a 2:3x.  Sunday could be quite frustrating/challenging, as many of my peers will be fresh.  The competitive entries have been listed, and PPA is about as deep as last year.  Heck, up front it could be deeper, with a good 10 guys clamoring for 2:15 or faster.  Three years ago Manning was 2nd with a 2:19.

Instead of hitching back to EP, Brandon and I
came up with a fun descent line.

This shows our descent.  The 5 miles back to EP
took 1:50.

Picked up a pair of Inov-8 Road-X 233's last week and have put a few miles on 'em.  No surprise - I'm quite happy with their fit.  It's kind of strange to even own a pair of "road shoes" again, but given the options surrounding my new residence, it makes sense.  I estimate I am running approximately 20 of my 60-70 miles a week on pavement.

A little dramatic, but since today marks the first day of the new school year...


  1. What was the descent line?

  2. Anonymous - I added a pic showing our descent. Other than the bushwhack back up from the creek to Elk Park trail, it was great.

    GZ - did you burn yours in shame? I figured orange would be perfect for SAR given last experience in the mountains.

  3. No burning it in shame. Makes me recall the Imogene Pass year where they did not run over the pass, but from Ouray to Bird Camp and back. I was very tempted to deface that shirt indicating what we actually did. I C.S.d out.