Wednesday, November 2, 2011

LT 100

Two and a half months.  That's about how long it is from Pikes weekend to the end of the high school cross-country season here in the lovely state of Colorado.  It's also how long I give myself to step away from formal training for a while.  This year, it seemed like a good idea to step away from this project as well.

The hiatus has been worthwhile.  Coaching exhausts me in a way unexplainable.  From a training standpoint, I'm lucky to get in 40 miles a week, and most of that is garbage mileage.  All that time focusing on others' goals and dreams gives me a much-needed break from the self-absorbency that this sport asks of its participants.  While this blog isn't about that aspect of my life, I am proud to share that both the Cheyenne Mountain boys and girls finished 3rd at the Colorado Class 4A state meet.  Both were state champs last season, but suffered some pretty heavy losses due to graduation.  3rd for these teams was a huge accomplishment, and I again cannot put into words how proud I am of these kids.  In the past 5 years, the boys have not qualified, gotten 8th, 2nd, 1st, and 3rd.  I predict some good things in 2012.  I know I'll be available to coach, as I will likely need some time off...

...which leads me to the catalyst for posting today.  This evening, I made it official - I am signed up for the Leadville 100 next August.  Finally ponying up to it after a couple years of lip service feels right.  I'm already looking ahead to doing some serious work as the day draws near!  Anyone who knows me won't find it to be a surprise - Leadville has been calling me for a few years now.  The calling finally got too loud to ignore...


  1. Most interested in what the training plan will look like.

  2. Are you gonna try to take down the Pleasant Valley Pb record of 23:42?

  3. YES! Haven't pulled the trigger myself yet, but chances are I'll be there too. The two greatest days of my life: My two Leadville finishes. Good for you sir.

  4. Here's a tune for you SOD.