Sunday, April 8, 2012

Leadville Entries

I've been offline for quite a while - nearly two weeks.  Got a bit to catch up on.

A quick skim over the last week from blogs I follow and I didn't find any mention of the Leadville entrant list being posted.  My apologies if I missed someones post.

I decided to do a little homework to see how the field is looking this year.  Following is a list of those signed up who have gone sub-21 since 2007.

  • Michael Arnstein (17:56 in 2011)
  • Zeke Tiernan (18:25 in 2010, 18:37 in 2008)
  • Charles Corfield (19:09 in 2011, 19:42 in 2007)
  • Lucho (19:19 in 2010)
  • Harry Harcrow (19:23 in 2010, 19:33 in 2007)
  • Garrett Graubins (19:38 in 2009)
  • Jason Koop (19:40 in 2010, 19:43 in in 2009)
  • Bryon Powell (19:54 in 2009)
  • Brooks Williams (19:57 in 2010)
  • Lynette Clemons (19:59 in 2011, 20:58 in 2009)
  • Brian Fisher (20:28 in 2011)
  • Marty Wacker (20:52 in 2009)
  • Patrick Stewart (20:59 in 2011)

In addition, there are a couple other fast guys off the top of my head that haven't done Leadville before...or at least not for a while.  I'm guessing I've missed a few, but hey - gimme a break - that list is like 800 names long.


  1. BFish is running Hardrock, so he won't be 100% at Leadville.

    And you shouldn't put Scott Jaime on a list of fast guys. Dude is a bum.

  2. Unlike you, Jaime schooled me by a good 5 minutes at the Krispy Kreme Challenge; therefore, he's on the list.

    Harry is Hardrocking as well. Lucky effers.

  3. Just about two months until the San Juan Solstice then two months after that is the LT100. It is going to be an awesome summer!

  4. I think Clark has technically been to Pb before.

  5. Did you check the special CEO list? I think those guys can buy their way into the top ten.

  6. Speaking of bums, been coming down to CS lately to hang out with CRUD and guess who is not there? I understand JT is extremely FAT and doesn't run anymore, only drinks shitty beer. JT I will give you 6 hours at HR.... again. You in?