Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Angel

Mt. Shavano(14,229') via the Angel of Shavano
"Esprit Point" (13,630')
9.0 miles
4,650' gain
~6 hour RT

Fun, "easy" day with Jake.  Last time we were up Shavano was a little...hairier.  Some pictures from the day.

The Angel runs out at about 12,100'.  The right arm melts first, but the left is good until 13,300'

Is it the socks or the shorts that make the man?

Dirty, dirty snow

Found this in my mitten.  Nice surprise.

I had a couple extra minutes upon topping out on the Angel to reach 13,620' Esprit Point

Same peak, more fun.
Jake's sailboat

The bottom 200' or so was dirty

Colorado Trail near the Blank Cabin TH


  1. Nothing better than crampons on running shoes (Inov-8s?). Proper style.

  2. Good stuff, right? Those old Inov-8s are actually boots...so not only are they hack for mountain running, they're terrible for 'pons due to the fact that they are slip lasted.