Thursday, June 30, 2011

All these maps

The past two weeks have been quite routine-busting.  On one hand, I long to get onto some sort of schedule.  It makes scheduling things like runs much easier.  However, running while away from home has it's advantages.  There are few things as pleasant as runs like the one I had a few days ago in the Huerfano Creek Basin.  I have been in the mountains the past few days with kids and coaches from my alma mater.  Yesterday, we climbed Mt. Lindsey.  When we arrived the day before, the kids did a 15 minute shake-out run.  I joined them and then just kept running.  I decided I'd go explore a little bit.  Two hours and change later, I was back in camp, having made it up to 12,000' Lily Lake.  I really didn't want to turn around, finding it much more enjoyable to just keep taking in the sights.  Being overshadowed so completely by Blanca and Ellingwood...indescribable.  I want to go back and camp up there.

Lily Lake trail from 1.2 miles below the

Mt. Lindsey with Wayzata kids

I know the Garmin maps are kinda cheezy, but I do like the visual of what I've done for the day.

Some more pics from the trip.

Blanca and Ellingwood

Blanca's Gash Ridge



The kids on the summit

What comes up must come down

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