Friday, June 10, 2011

Still Working

School has been out for two weeks, and I've been adjusting to the new schedule.  For the past two weeks, I've worked at FUN CAMP with the XC team.  It's a good chance to make a few extra bucks and spend some time building relationships with the team.  It does take out a good chunk of the day, though.

This morning, I got in 2 x 4 miles on the Santa Fe.  7:00's down to 6:20's.  Yesterday, I met up with Peter and ran to the second tunnel on Gold Camp Rd.  I love meeting up with the guy; he gets me fired up about running every time.  Dude is racing so well this year - I'm excited to see how he will do in New Hampshire this year.

Garden 10 miler is Sunday.  All these years in the Springs, and I have yet to do it.  Just the thought of all those paved downhills makes me cringe.  I'd like to catch some of it - as touristy as it is, the Garden is still a pretty cool place to run.

Busy weeks ahead.  Traveling to Atlanta for the week, XC Camps with both the Cheyenne Mountain and Wayzata teams, and moving in near this guy.  Looking to hold about 80 miles/week through July.  I'm on pace this week and feel pretty good.

Kind of obvious what I've been listening to these days.  I gotta feel like Billy Talent is an acquired taste.

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