Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 - What's on tap?

Short list so far of races that I deem important.  I'll probably hop in to things like Colorado Springs' own Winter Series, Salida's Run thru time half-mary, and other fun stuff.  The biggies, though, are listed below.

March 24 - Old Goat 50 mile (San Luis Capistrano, CA)
Only 13,000' of elevation gain.  Let's just say that's 25 miles up and 25 miles down, I think that averages out to about 500' per mile.  Just looking at past runs, the climb up Longs Ranch Road gains about 600'.  The steepest mile at Collegiate Peaks was only 420'.  I guess if I can get through the Old Goat, I can get through anything.

April 28 - Cheyenne Mountain 50k (Colorado Springs, CO)
Or the 25k.  I love both the course and the race directors.  Being a single dad, I find it's not too difficult to find someone to watch Cale for a few hours while I run locally.  Hopefully it won't snow this year.

June 23 - San Juan Solstice 50 mile (Lake City, CO)
200 people in this one.  I swear I already know about 50 of them.  Another PR-friendly half-century.  Lake City is beautiful in the summer; can't wait for this one.

~July 4-7 - Nolan's 14 dress rehearsal.  (Sawatch Range, CO) 
La Plata, Ellingwood Ridge in the foreground
Day 1:  Massive, Elbert, La Plata.  Day 2:  Huron, Missouri, Belford, Oxford, Harvard, Columbia, Yale.  Day 3:  rest.  Day 4:  Princeton, Antero, Tabeguache, Shavano.  Weather permitting.  I'd like to break this thing up into sections and gain familiarity with a few of the routes I've never done.  Another bucket list item would be successful completion of Nolan's 14...2013?  2014?  Eventually life will catch up with me, so any attempt will have to be soon.  Brandon is looking to give it a shot.  Let me know if you're interested in playing with us for a day or two or four.

July 13-15 - pacing at Hard Rock 100 (Silverton, CO)
How can Hard Rock not be on the bucket list?

August 18 - Leadville 100 mile (Leadville, CO)
Most normal people think this is insane.  Most people who actually read this blog think this is trendy and lame.  I can't win.


  1. Glad you are running the Salida 13.1... this way I won't be the only person catching hell for it! SJS is a blast, you will love it.

  2. looks good. i'll definitely be seeing you at sjs50 -- and i'd actually be interested in providing support for your (and Brandon's) nolan's effort

  3. Save time in the beginning of June for the first annual running-chainsawing-beerdrinking-high altitude camp.

  4. Just the mention of SJS50 brings a smile to the face. Great race.

  5. The chainsaw camp sounds amazing.