Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunny and warm. What's new?

Another amazing weekend in Colorado.  I hope I never take for granted days like this.

COS could put on another Fat Ass run.  Yesterday, I tested that theory by checking out some of the southwest trails from the westside.  My foray added up to 27, but I'm pretty sure the following route would yield about 31:
  • up Red Rocks
  • up High Drive
  • down Captain Jacks
  • down Spring Creek
  • up Columbine and Gold Camp
  • up Buckhorn
  • down Bear Creek
  • up Section 16
  • down Red Rocks
  • around the Garden
I distinctly remember, back in my MTBing days, when I thought this was an epic day on the bike.  I felt great upon wrapping up yesterday - good enough to stop by Brownie's for a recovery drink on my way home.  A testament to how one's perspective can change based off of experience.

Downtown from Captain Jack's
North Cheyenne Canyon - cheaper than 7 Falls!

Highpoint of ~8,200' on Mt. Buckhorn

January in Red Rocks Open Space

Mileage-wise, I got into the 60's for the week.  Of those, 5 were "quality", tempo or faster.  Two miles ~5:55 with the high schoolers on Tuesday, and three more 6:30 descending to 6:10 on Thursday.  I should probably start wearing the HRM to see how those register - I feel I'm in better shape than I was 12 months ago, but would love to see the numbers prove it.  Last winter, I wore that thing religiously during similar workouts.  I love tempo work over the winter - each run serves to feed my hunger to improve.  They require discipline - "man, this is easy, I WANT to go faster...but I won't" - but allow me to bounce back quickly.

The kid has just recently begun to call me crazy.  The only evidence he supplies to support this claim:  I like to run ultramarathons.  I haven't the heart to tell him I've only completed one thus far.  Balancing this running thing with life continues to demand some creativity.  I've recently added the whole wake-up-ungodly-early-and-be-done-before-anyone-else-would-even-think-about-stirring strategy to my arsenal.  

While I am likely to hop in to some sort of smaller race before March 31, my next goal is now the Badger Mountain Challenge in Pasco, Washington. (or is it Richland?  Or Kennewick?)  Long story short, I had some serious logistical issues finding a race over spring break.  Antelope Island, Old Goats, Umstead, and a few others were either full or too early or too late or too hard to get to.  I started looking into this Badger Mountain race and pulled the trigger on a whim.  It's a 50k, so I should be able to bounce back from it in time for one of the "local" 50-milers a few weeks later - Collegiate Peaks, Quad Rock, Jemez, etc.  I'm bummed I couldn't make it down to Texas for Rocky Raccoon - putting down a fast 50 would have been a blast.  Suppose I'll just live vicariously through others.

Sad to think most kids these days haven't ever heard of a mosh pit.


  1. Ha, welcome to the 4AM running club Sean. I can't believe you have been able to hold off so long! I got a 14 miler in yesterday morning and felt awesome, for a week of 50! Saw 40+ deer(12 pointer, 10 pointer, 4 pointer), lots of rabbits, squirrels, and 2 skunks. Prickly pear 50k is coming up quick, I think I will be doing the 10 miler and not the 50k. Perhaps next year if life isn't so hectic.

  2. That route looks sweet. The North Cheyenne Canyon pic has me drooling over the thoughts of another trip down south.

  3. Macho, I only run that early when I need to. Of course, 'need' is a vague term. Make life less hectic. Master it. :)

    Jim, yes. Great route. The Canyon is a real treat!