Sunday, February 5, 2012

Body & Soul

Visited Neal up at Barr Camp this AM.  While COS was decimated by the February blizzard of '12, 10,200' actually got about a foot of the white stuff.  The wind hadn't picked up when I went up, so most of the trees still held some snow.  Super cool.  The new snow actually improved trail conditions, as the shaded parts had turned to ice over the past few weeks.

Yesterday's 18 on the Santa Fe worked my body pretty good; today's run was good for the soul.  Sore legs + snow = a very slow day...that was fine today, as it gave me more time to enjoy the scenery.  You'd think that this backdrop would eventually get old.  Nope.

Went to a HS track/xc clinic on Friday/Saturday and had the chance to talk for a bit with Jim Ryun.  He let me peruse his training log from 1968.  No Garmin uploads for him I guess.

I'm still in awe over the results down in Texas yesterday.  Brooks sub-15:00.  Marc, Dan, and Andy getting it done.  W-O-W.  I was hoping to run the 50 down there until my back gave me fits in November/December.  Figured I wouldn't be in shape for anything by then.

Another 60ish-mile week in the books.  I wanna race.  Soon!


  1. Just guessing, but is Mr. Ryan left handed?

    Leadville this year for sure for you, eh?

  2. Fair guess - as a southpaw myself, I also notice the spacing off the left margin and the lack thereof on the right. Et tu brute?

    Pb - definitely. Suppose I'll sign up for the round-trip; one never knows what can transpire over the months. Not that you can wing PPM, but I'm guessing if some sort of injury hit, a scenario could present itself where that would make more sense. But for now I'm trying to live, eat, sleep, and breathe lead.

    How do you get yourself fired up for another shot at Pikes? What motivates you this year as opposed to years past?

  3. I am a righty but in a prior life, a teacher (well, licensed as such, not sure I was a teacher). Got to recognize a bit of handwriting styles ... his tilt to his cursive seems a bit tell tale.

    Pikes ... for me the motivation is in the journey as to whether I can get put together a disciplined life to lead to the best possible day there ever. Can I make the million choices between now and then to be the man I can be? And then again through the Ws (both up and down but in very different regards).

    But frankly, I am considering flying a different route this year altogether. TBD.

  4. Lead poisoning, baby! Good luck keeping your sanity until August... I can't wait to see you get it done. Now that it's your focus, your potential at that race is unlimited.

    I honestly expect you to go faster than my Pb PR.