Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pueblo Rez

Back in my previous life, I spent a fair amount of time on the saddle.  Wintertime can be tough for a Front Range fat tire guy, so a trick we used to have was the "go to Pueblo" trick.  When trails were snowed in for the season in the Springs, Colorado's banana belt remained rideable.

Given the news that the Mesa Trail double crossing wasn't going to happen due to crappy trail, I decided to pull that old biking trick out of the hat again.  I was still wrecked from Wednesday's Incline fiasco but knew it was time to put in some mileage, so flat and warm sounded great.  20ish miles, 3 hours.

MUDDY sections here and there

An odd sight for Colorado.

Lots of cliffy, bluffy terrain here.

"Voodoo Loop" part of the trail
Hitting these trails definitely brought back a hankering to do some single speed riding this summer.

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