Monday, April 25, 2011

Bushwhack and Captain Jack's

I've lived in the Springs for eight years now.  I'd like to think I hit trails more than the average bear.  What I find so damn cool about this town is that I'm STILL finding new routes.

Today was meant to just be time on my feet, a good hour and a half or so.  At first, I figured I'd drop down into Bear Creek Park, maybe go up Gold Camp Rd and see how I felt from there.  As I began the gradual climb of Gold Camp, I couldn't help but notice a faint trail that I'd passed many times before.  This time, I decided to see where it went.

Up.  It went straight up.

Of course, I was too stubborn to turn around as it led me further and further away from the road.  The trail, already weak, petered out to nothing.  By this time, though, I had almost made the ridge of whatever incline I was ascending.  I naturally had to see what was on top.  So I continued over bushes, through yuccas, and around deadfall, collecting a fair share of battle marks while at it.  My run had long since slowed to a trudge, but that's not to say I wasn't working.  Finally, I gained a vantage on the ridge.

From the top of the ridge, I actually connected with a deer trail as it led me south.  I called upon the GPS between my shoulders and realized Captain Jack's must be somewhere over....well, over THAT way a bit.  I just had to get there.  What surprised me was the depth of the valley that sat between me and my destination!  And of course, no trail.  Good times - a drop and a rise and a few wrong turns later found me somewhere on the middle of Jack's!  With all the moisture we've gotten lately, the singletrack was tacky as hell. 

Today's run was hardly of epic proportions, but it was fun to finally figure out where that trail goes.  10 miles, 2,100'.  That's actually about the same gain as the race Saturday.

If you're feeling emo...

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