Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week of April 11 - 17

M - off - snowshoe 4ish miles, 2,000' up Nokhu Crags in the Never Summer Range.
T - 13 on the Santa Fe from school.  2 x 5 at Marathon + 10.
W - 6 easy on the Santa Fe.
H - 10 on the Santa Fe.  5 at Marathon + 20.
F - off.
S - 20 on the Santa Fe. last half at Marathon + 15.
S - 7 easy through Sondermann Park.

Total - 60 miles, 4,000'.

  • At this juncture, 60 seems to be my sweet spot.  I can maintain that level indefinitely without breaking down, missing family obligations, or losing strength.
  • I started running in the AM this week.  The thought is that if I can finish my runs before Cale wakes up, I get more time with him.  It just takes a little more discipline.
  • Lots of tempo miles in the past few weeks - 25 this week alone.  Some of it is intentional, but factors such as my hip gimpyness have contributed as well.  I'll try a few hillier easy days this upcoming week.  A real test will be next Saturday - 15.5 miles with a fair amount of ups and downs.
  • Climbing/scrambling actually seemed to help loosen up my hip as opposed to aggravate it.  Counter-intuitive.
  • I'm getting sick of the Santa Fe.  Ugh.
Thanks to Brooks for getting me into these guys.

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