Sunday, April 24, 2011

Week of April 18 - 24

M - Top of Chutes, 8 mi. 1,000'
T - Rampart Range Rd / Williams / Waldo / Longs Ranch Rd / Bobs Rd / Barr Trail. 21 mi, 5,100'
W - Santa Fe and Sondermann Park, 6 mi, 500'
H - off
F - Santa Fe, 5 mi, 200'
S - Cheyenne Mountain 25k, 19 mi, 2300'
S - Trails in Castle Rock, 5 mi, 400'

Total for week - 64 miles, 9,500'
Total for April -  188 miles, 18,000'
Total for year - 900 miles, 78,000'

Finally back to 100%, just in time to taper!  As long as I'm healthy when training for the big hill begins in earnest.

Random thoughts.
  • Loving the rain.  Maybe the trails will get a bit tackier.  They have been in late-summer condition as of late.  Doesn't affect the trail runners as much, but sucks when you want to take the bike out for a spin.
  • Talking to solarweasel on Saturday and a few of the guys down here today - would love to make it up to BoCo and Fort Fun to check out some of their fun runs.  I've got a whole summer, so why not?
  • Looking to take a shot at Crestone Peak on Saturday.  Spring conditions...the red couloir isn't so red these days.
  • All this talk of R2R2R...I'm sold.  Is late November a good season for it?

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  1. Might be some snow in the GC come November? I think the best time to go is early May...