Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Finally got a real-feeling workout in again.  Went 2 x 4 miles @ 6:35's on the Santa Fe yesterday.  Well...anyone that has run on the Santa Fe gets it - the northbound miles were in 6:40-6:50, while the southbound miles clicked off around 6:20-6:25.  Totaled 10 1/2 miles.  This is nothing to write home about - my original workout called for 12 miles with a little more intensity.  Given the battle I've been staging with the hip, though, I was pretty happy to finally put in a day that made me feel I wasn't losing ground.

The next "milestone", if you will, happens when I no longer have to modify workouts to accommodate for it.  Each day for the past week, I've had to gauge about how far and how fast I can go without pushing it over the edge.  For instance, I'd normally put in around 75 easy minutes today, but I'll probably tone it down to something in the 45 minute range instead.  I can still tell there is some inflammation, but it's trending downward.

Damn.  Talking about how I'm a gimp sucks.

Little Bear - Blanca ridge in July
Woke up in a cold sweat yesterday morning.  In my dream, I was attempting the LB-Blanca double traverse in winter conditions.  (I gave it a whirl this past July, but we aborted due to crazy wind)  That in itself isn't exactly brilliant.  When I realized the stupidity of my attempt, I took a look back to see that a couple dozen others had decided to follow me and didn't want to turn around.  Not sure about the moral of that story.

I have been daydreaming about mountains a LOT lately.  Combination of being gimpy and having too much time on my hands while proctoring CSAP tests - I just walk back and forth in silence for a couple hours a day.  I suppose all the daydreaming will eventually spawn some new stupid activity.  Actually, I KNOW it will.  Tentatively looking at a seven-summit run in the Sawatch on June 17th-18th.  23 miles, 18k of gain.  I'm guessing 18ish hours.  (Huron/Missouri/Belford/Oxford/Harvard/Columbia/Yale)  Lemme know if you're interested.

Birthdays are OK.  If for no other reason, people will rally for you.  Had a nice little crowd join me for $.75 tacos last night.  I got to hear a bit about Brooks's "W" in Kansas.

These guys need to put out some new stuff.  Can you figure out what town they speak of?


  1. That weekend is the San Juan Solstice, otherwise I'd be there!

  2. I'm looking at doing the Carraba's half marathon that weekend. Quote from race director "We consider the weather too hot for all out racing so the awards are quite limited. However,a finish certificate will be given out. As race director I consider the race a Fun Run taking the place of your long run." Wooooooo!

  3. Good song. I'm pretty sure it's about Garden Shitty, KS...