Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rampart Range Rd / Williams / Waldo / Long's Ranch Rd / Bob's Rd / Barr Trail

Got in my last long run before Collegiate Peaks tonight.

21+ miles, 5100' gain.  3h45m.

Counter-clockwise:  RRR, Williams, Waldo, LRR, Barr
This was essentially the guts of January's Ponderous Posterior run - minus the snow on Long's Ranch Rd.  Christoph joined me for a majority of it.  Virtually no one was out there today - I didn't see another soul on Barr Trail.  Not many times can you say that in April.

Not much to else to say; definitely felt good throughout.  I've got a ton of little aches and pains, but the major one in my hip isn't so bad anymore.  Right ITB is a little tight, right Achilles heel, shoulder, etc, etc, etc.  Part of getting old I guess.

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