Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Because of my job and family obligations, I am pretty much constrained to being as efficient as possible with where and when I run.  I almost HAVE to run from my work.  Driving 20 minutes to somewhere else cuts into that precious little time I allocate for my training.  When that window is as narrow as 65-70 minutes, every second counts.  But seriously, of all the locations to be constrained to, what better place than Gold Camp Elementary?  Save Cheyenne Mountain High School, I can't think of a business in the city that's closer to such a robust set of trails, with Stratton Open Space in my backyard.  I gotta post some pics.
Stratton trails were in great shape after a dusting of snow from yesterday.  Tacky - good for riding.  Warmed up to the rez and knocked off 6 1000's @ 6:15 pace.  1:00 recovery.  I take data with a grain of salt.  Case in point:  my avg HR for these.  Was between 154-156 for all of 'em.  Well, my guess is that it took a good 60 sec to ramp my HR each time...otherwise, I'd be pretty stoked to hold 154's on 6:15's.  :)  My avg HR at Austin 13.1 was only 170 - as far as I can tell, many folks race that distance up closer to 180.  Good, bad, indifferent, but my heart beats like I'm hibernating.

Kids are getting ready for the lovely state-mandated CSAP tests next week.  I only started the test-specific prep this week.  Drew on plenty of training analogies.  We overemphasis writing plans now so that when it matters, it's no big deal.  Write 7 paragraph essays so a 5 paragraph essay on a test is nothing.  Do the work, see the results.  Practice your ass off, and view the race/test as your reward, your chance to show off the hard work.

Sure to be overplayed if it already hasn't been in some places, I love their sound anyway. 


  1. So what is your MHR?

    The voice that comes out of that guy seems totally unexpected (to me).

  2. GZ, good question. I haven't run anything that would give me a close approximation of it for years...can't even remember what it was back in the day.

  3. Let me know when you're gonna do this workout next, I'd like to see the rez. And your HR was low because they were too slow.

  4. Sure thing. We gotta talk Nolan's btw.

  5. Blog is better with music. I might read it from time to time.