Saturday, March 26, 2011

Getting Ready

A little over an hour before the start of my "birthday run."

The trepidation I'm experiencing at this moment should be embraced.  Every person who has ever consciously decided to run any distance has been in my shoes right now - asking himself, "I've never run this far.  Will I be able to?"  It's not a question I've had to ask myself much over the years, having completed marathon distances in my early twenties.  That I have, in the past four or five months, been able to push that envelope a couple of times has been a treat.  I enjoy the challenge. 

With each subsequent success, challenge becomes more welcome.

36 miles.  I did 30 a month ago.  Despite a lack of nutrition, that run worked out fine.  I didn't even have a dark moment.  These extra six are simply another hour of plodding tacked on.  Or so I tell myself.  My left hip is sore (ITB) and I've been nursing it all week.  I was only able to pull off 1 x 4 mile on Wednesday because of it, and I've taken two days off.  It feels better today - heck, if I didn't remember I've been having problems, I wouldn't even know it's there.

Be back late tomorrow with a report.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great birthday run!