Monday, March 14, 2011

Helen Hunt

Took yesterday off to spend some time with Cale.  After Saturday's race, it would have been a little better for my legs to have shaken them out, but it is what it is.

Saturday was just one race, but it does give me hope that I'm on the right track this season - that I've cleared a hurdle, maybe broken out of a plateau.  I would hope so, as I've prepared differently these past few months.  One of the biggest changes I've made has been in my diet.  More on that in the future, but I've got to think it's had a major impact in my performance.

Five miles uphill from school this afternoon - two miles through Chamberlain to Gold Camp Rd, then three more on the dirt till just past the Helen Hunt parking lot.  Definitely had some post-race legs - I was 93 minutes with a 139 HR this time around.  Last time I ran it back in late Feb, I was 3 minutes faster with the same HR.  Not a surprise there.  I'm hopeful that another day of recovery will get me ready for some hill work tomorrow.


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  1. Is that fire gonna mess up any of your running routes?