Monday, March 7, 2011

Cheaper than a shrink

Today was one of those "character-building" days.  Got some news I wasn't prepared for.  Caught two kids cheating on a test and had to contact parents.  Had another parent come after me because her kid didn't get a big part in the musical.  And lost my buddy Chris for my birthday run as he had the opportunity to visit his folks in Wisco that weekend.  To top it off, sleet had started coming down at a somewhat annoying rate.  Snow is one thing, but sleet gets you all chilled to the bone.  I was in a foul mood when I got done with work.

So I ran.

Nothing crazy, I planned on an easy hour after yesterday's long run.  Here's the beauty of running, though.  Within minutes, this sixty minute recovery run became something entirely different.  It became therapy.  It became escape.  Relaxation.  It put my headhamster to rest for a bit.  Totally lost track of anything other than the freshly snow-covered lower Columbine trail and the first semblance of peace I'd experienced today.  

The monster was at gymnastics during this hour - he was jonesin' for some Wii at the YMCA, so we stopped in for thirty minutes afterward.  Just enough time for to squeeze in some rehab for my shoulder.  Read a good book to the little man, talked about planets as I tucked him in.  Had a cool email waiting for me.  Realized the day had taken a turn for a better, and that defining point, as it usually is, was when I stepped out that door.

Another email I got tonight was from the fine folks who run the Salida Marathon.  Sounds like there's barely any snow on the course right now.  We'll see.  A brisk little 2k climb in the first 8 miles, a bunch of rollers, and then a drop back into town around mile 20.  Probably not a Boston qualifier.

Truthfully, I haven't run a non-Ironman mary since 2001...and I was fat and useless back then.  While I don't expect anything impressive, I am looking forward to another chance to test my fitness.  26 trail miles are very different than 13 concrete miles.   

Got this JBT tune stuck in my head.


  1. You gonna stay down in Salida on Saturday night?

  2. Nope, hard enough to pawn the kid off for one night let alone two. I hear I'm missing a lot of booze.

  3. Pawn him off on Saturday night, come to the race Sat morning and stay 'till Sunday.

    And we don't drink, we go to the Salida public library and play some board games. What kind of people do you think we are?