Friday, March 18, 2011

March 17 - 1000's

One assumes that after a race like Salida, it'll take a few days for your legs to come back to you.  Hell, when I was younger, the thought of "training through" a marathon was unfathomable.  It's good news then to feel that I have bounced back faster than I did after Austin.  That's a testament to the evils of concrete if you ask me.  Anyway, I was a bit conservative with throwing in more work and waited until Thursday to test out the engine.

Warmed up by climbing to the reservoir.  Goal was 8 x 1000 @ marathon pace(6:15/mi) with 200 recovery.  Instead of hammering this stuff out on the track - I'm a believer in avoiding the track unless you're racing on a track - I make a couple of modifications.  1)I do a loop on hardpack around one of the Stratton reservoirs.  It's 1000-"ish".  My garmin measures it out to be .60, so probably a few seconds short.  2)I do them on the 5:00 and don't worry about how far I run in between, but again my garmin suggests I'm doing about a 200 shag.  3)I only allow myself to check my garmin once during each repeat, as I like trying to work on 'feeling' the correct pace.  It was extremely windy yesterday, so I expected variability, which I got:  3:40/3:36/3:46/3:38/3:41/3:38/3:44/3:36, HR between 150 and 158.  Felt not great but good.

Going forward, I'm expecting to start feeling tired as I do work.  I've managed to keep that pre-season feeling in the legs, but looking ahead, I think there's gonna be some real work to do.  8 days until my 36th birthday run, 5 weeks till Cheyenne Mtn, and 7 weeks till Collegiate Peaks.

Today is a staff development day, then we're off on Spring Break.  Should be some solid training.  New Rise Against came out on Tuesday...the whole album is still growing on me, but definitely a few good "get off your ass and do something about it" tracks on it. 

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