Monday, March 21, 2011

Williams Canyon

The realization that I'm on spring break hit today, as I was able to smugly grin and turn my 5:15 alarm off instead of snooze.  I'm looking to have two very low-key days in preparation for Wednesday's 2 x 4 mile workout.  Definitely accomplished that this morning.

Stef had never been to Williams, and I had offered to show her.  Straightforward day, straightforward run.  Made it to Rampart Range Rd. and turned around.  Nice way to loosen up after the weekend - 78 minutes, 6.3 miles, 1,700'.  Tried out the new Inov-8 X-Talon's.  As usual, I love their fit.  I feel it gets me much closer to the trail than even my RocLite's.

I think I found a new energy drink.

Took a long look at the current PPA and PPM start lists last night.  Lots of interesting stuff there, especially the rookie flatlanders with predicted times of 1:40 for PPA.  Looks like Kimmel is doubling, too.  Judging by her predicted time of 2:33 in the Ascent, she plans on getting after it this summer.  No other doublers seem capable of breaking 8:00, let alone 7:00.  We'll see how many comp entries come in between now and Augusts.

State Radio - one of those bands that I somehow passed over for years.  Making up for lost time with them these days.


  1. State Radio is pretty good, The lead used to be in Dispatch which got together for a summer tour and are coming near you O'Day.

  2. Actually, I've already got tix to see Dispatch at Red Rocks in June! Rock on.